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This was the first portfolio that caught my eye and for good reason. This design company has a niche in creating graphically mind blowing images and ads that defy reality. The design for this online portfolio is very image driven and really allows for the company’s work to speak for itself. Serial Cut has a range of work from branding and advertisement to type and motion design. The use of high quality full screen images allows the viewer to see all of the detail and craft in the portfolio pieces and the descriptions of each project at the bottom left gave good insight to the design brief and thought process. I felt the navigation was fairly simple and easy to follow although the color of the text was sometimes difficult to read depending on the background image.


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Creative Mints design portfolio is professional, clean and refreshing. The designer used a grid format to display his projects and very descriptive headings and sub-headings allow the viewer to know exactly what they are looking at and what processes the designer used or was responsible for. I observed web design, illustration, logotype and icon design with use of photography as well. There are many details within the portfolio such as an introduction, profile, links to more work, contacts and social media. This portfolio was extremely easy to navigate through, pretty self explanatory.


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A minimalistic clean layout over a white background makes this portfolio pleasant and inviting. The designer used nice thin lines and a legible type to direct the viewer, using descriptive links to highlight the different types of design. Branding, environmental, online publication, print and web design; well rounded skill set. The online portfolio design is also reflective of the designers style.

If I where a client deciding between these three portfolios I would choose the third portfolio by Parker because to me it was the most professional portfolio yet it was not overbearing. I felt like this designer could create branding for me that suited my preferences yet put me in the forefront of my competitors as far as professionalism.

The portfolio that “wowed” me was Serial Cut because of their vivid style and how they transformed and created brands and their identities. Observing and critiquing these portfolios along with my knowledge of design elements gives me an understanding of what it is that I do want in my design process and the things that would probably hurt me as a designer. There are a wide range of choices and techniques in the design process, but for me it’s about knowing what you can do best and what works for me and the client. In between projects is when I experiment and add things to my skill set to use as a designer. If I where to select a partner I would lean towards someone who has a similar working process, but skill sets contrast with mine so that we would be able to trade off and work well with each other using our strengths.





The three inspirational visual communication references each contribute something different that I will hopefully be able to integrate into my poster design project. The first of the three “Red” is influential in how the designer used color and layout. The main color of the poster is red, but there are different tones of red in combination with yellows, grays, blacks and whites. The layout of the poster forces the viewer to look at all of the different variations of the red super sentai character because the helmets cover the entire span of the poster, the balance and proportion of the elements creates a strong focal point (the entire poster).

The crohn’s disease infographic poster uses typography throughout the entire layout, making it very informative. The type is kept simple what looks like a sans serif font. The designer uses the graphics to create visual hierarchy to guide the viewer through as they read. Keep in mind that one example of where this poster was placed was in a bathroom stall, a good place to sit and read.

Calligraphy Animals, the designer used different types of calligraphy pens to create the different shapes and characteristics of the animals. Simple, but effective because the different shades and opacity of the ink create texture and tones. I will try to integrate this type of shape/volume and illusion of space to create an effective, but simple poster design


I felt like the authors description of the use of package design was somewhat vague in Ch. 11, but the I do feel like the just of what package design is was explained in that it is apart of a bigger conglomerate of the branding process. As stated by Landa package design is apart of brand identity what the viewer sees and its purpose is, “—to identify, differentiate, and build a sustainable presence and position in the marketplace…” (Graphic design solutions, 2014, p. 245) The scope of a package design should be coherent to the brand as a whole, the look and feel of the package design should create a, “uniqueness and distinction, expressed through the specifics of the visualization and composition—including color palette; characteristics and qualities of lines, shapes, and textures; typeface(s); images; and any other visual elements.” (Graphic design solutions, 2014, p. 246)

I’ve compared two different products of the same brand to show contrast in package design and how they make the viewer feel. The first shoe is based off of a classic hip hop album called “Paid in Full” by Rakim and all of the elements in the packaging and shoe reflect that. From the boom box radio shoe box to the cassette tape container for the lace locks, really puts the viewer into the time era and culture of the music this shoe was inspired by. The second shoe is based off of a movie made in the 80’s, very unique design and packaging different from the previous shoe. This brand displays high quality in the detail and the extra merchandise that comes with the shoes themselves.




Black Sheep x Nike SB “Paid in Full”, click here for blog review

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Fresh Out The Box | Black Sheep x Nike SB Dunk High
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Concepts x Nike SB “When Pigs Fly”

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Concepts x Nike SB “When Pigs Fly” Review
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Landa, R. (2014). Graphic design solutions. Boston, MA: Wadsworth/Cengage Learning.


Sole Classics

Although I do not do very much shopping now days because of my acquired responsibilities of family and bills, I have been able to see a few stores that have caught my attention from a marketing/design standpoint. The store that comes to mind is “Sole Classics” based in Columbus, Oh; a street wear and sneaker boutique that has unique personality and style. In addition to the prime location on High St. near the well renown and prestigious college of Ohio State University, the fairly small boutique is a neat and compact space that is packed with various urban brands that are sought after by the young adult/teen target market.

The storefront is presented with a big clean glass pane window drawing shoppers in to view the inventory from outside and paired with a glass framed door crested with the old english style type “Sc” logo. As you walk inside your engulfed in the fashion street culture with undertones of local hip hop artist music being played in the background and neatly presented graffiti style artwork covering the walls. The furniture and displays have a rustic industrial feel and majority of the store items are out in the open for shoppers to touch and get close to what they may potentially be buying. High end street wear is presented by comfortably fashionable clerks who are down to earth and friendly. For on line shoppers the website/store is clean-cut on a white based background and easy to navigate to find the item you are looking for; filled with nice high definition product pictures and descriptions.

This store brand gives off a very street, but modern/clean cut persona that is easy to encompass or relate to by the customer. I like that the boutique does not feel high-end, you can physically reach out and grab the products that you look at and the environment is very laid back and wide-open. The boutique not only sells various outside brands, but they have developed their own and also sell other local brands; so the connection between the store and the local community is strong and communicated with thier brand selection. Another thing that has helped this store brand is the diversity in how the store space is used for different things like music/event promotion and pop-up shops for other major brands that are traveling on tour. I believe that this store is trying to sell the image of rugged street essence with class and artistic flare. The product lines that they keep in the store have very nice cuts and materials, the type of things that you wouldn’t find at a normal department store. The collection of exclusive sought after items, local connection and events keep the customers coming back.


In my open opinion the three most important contributions of graphic design in my life is identity, communication and influence. Before I can understand something I want to know who and what it is and that is where identity is important because it separates something from the rest, makes connection between the logo and name to create that instant correlation or brand identity. Communication is important because the faster and clearer the message is put out the less time it takes to receive and react, many brands base their success on how many people they can reach in a short amount of time, I want to know what your talking about like now. The oil to the machine is the influence what the design pushes people to react to, I like compelling things that make me want to get up and do something, the more a design can create that feeling the better.

One thing that I did not give much thought to was the importance of environmental design, it has always been captivating to me, but I have never categorized or identified it as such. It’s not only the product or the design, but the environment that it is in that helps sell the design to the viewer. How well a clothing boutique is designed in the interior will determine if I want to shop there, no matter how nice the products in the boutique may be.